Original Will Lost or Missing

Here's an article from HBNSO's estate litigation website at www.willcaveat.com discussing the steps needed to start an estate when there is a lost last will and testament. http://willcaveat.com/probating-lost-wills/ If you or a family member or friend have an estate...

NC Eminent Domain Attorneys

NC Eminent Domain Attorneys - for a short discussion of eminent domain case in North Carolina, go to our condemnation website: Takingland.com -NC Eminent Domain Attorneys If you are being condemned by the State, a City or County in North Carolina, call us at...

Choosing a Trademark

For businesses it is important that their trademarks be searched and vetted not only for infringing uses, merely descriptive or generic issues but also for refusals based on the baser things.

What is a Partition?

FOR EXAMPLE, if Dolores wills a piece of property equally to Ted and Sarah, they become tenants in common on the property. Ted and Sarah each own only half of the property by themselves, but Ted and Sarah each have the right to use the entire property. North Carolina recognizes two types of partitions: (1) partitions in kind and (2) partitions by sale.